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Current PhD students



PhD project (working title)

Sebastian Cacean, Dipl.-Phys.


Epistemic Probability - A Conceptual Analysis of Probability

Karl-Kiên Cao, M. Sc. DLR Analyse langfristiger Ausbauszenarien für das deutsche und europäische Übertragungsnetz im Hinblick auf den Stromausgleich im zukünftigen Energiesystem

Felix Cebulla, Dipl.-Wi.-Ing.


Perspectives of electricity storages with respect to the integration of high shares of renewable energies into the German supply structure

Joris Dehler, Dipl.-Math. IIP Agent based modelling of power markets, market coupling, feed-in renewables
Davi Ezequiel François ITAS

Renewable energies, improvement of living standards and poverty reduction in rural areas - a case study in Brazil

Jonathan Gomez Vilchez, M.Sc.


The impacts of electric vehicles on transport energy demand and CO2 emissions

Andrea Herbst, Mag. rer. soc. oec.


Kopplung eines makroökonomischen Modells mit technologiespezifischen Energiemodellen - der Fall der Industrie

Tobias Junne DLR Multi-criteria analysis for building and assessing sustainable scenario pathways
Martin Klein DLR Modellierung der Nachfrageseite des Stromsystems für das agentenbasierte Simulationsmodell AMIRIS zur Integration erneuerbarer Energien
Marcel Krüger IfP Die Geltungsgründe wissenschaftlicher Aussagen
Babak Mousavi, M.Sc. IER Analysis of the relative roles of technological change, structural shift and energy service demand in tackling global climate change

Sigrid Prehofer, Dipl.-Geogr.


Methods of social context inclusion in energy scenario construction

Sebastian Rauner, M.Sc. UFZ Scenario development and impact assessment of sustainable development paths for the extension and distribution of renewable energies in Germany -
A GIS-supported multi-criteria spatial and temporal explicit optimization model
Matthias Rehfeldt, M.Eng. ISI Modeling of fuel switch in industrial processes
Arash Shojachaikar, M.A. ZIRIUS Qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment methods for energy scenario construction
Annette Steingrube, M.Sc. ISE Development of a methodology for the design of optimized transformation paths to sustainable municipal energy systems by evaluating techno-economical, political and social factors

Christian Voigt, M.A.


Argumentation support for online deliberation

Trung Vu, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing., MBA
IER Model-based analysis of a German cellular energy system
Zongfei Wang, M.Sc. IIP Uncertainties in energy demand of future private households
Mengzhu Xiao, M.Sc. DLR Scenarios analysis of energy system transition: a case study of two coastal metropolitan regions, eastern China
Lei Xu, M.Sc. ITAS Combining energy systems models with life cycle assessment approaches - a critical review

Former PhD students



PhD project

Monika Culka, M.Sc.


Uncertainties in Energy Scenarios

Huijie Li, M.Sc. ZIRIUS Consumer behavior, social influence, and smart grid implementation