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Presently there are not ESS scholarships available!


Nevertheless there are still two ways to take part in the ESS:

ESS membership. ESS members have the same rights and duties as ESS scholars, except for the funding. The attendance of the complete curriculum including the annual research days and three soft skills courses is compulsory (all the courses take place in Germany). A final certificate will confirm the attendance. Funding has to be ensured through an employment at an appropriate institution or a non-ESS scholarship. Members that are employed at one of the ESS partner institutes will recieve funding for all ESS related activities. For employees or scholarship recipients of other appropriate institutions, only the cost for room and board during ESS events and for the compulsory soft skill courses will be borne.

ESS guest. ESS guests are only obliged to attend the annual research days. They are also allowed, to a limited extent, to attend courses (not soft skill courses). The Research School will not bear the cost for guests.

Important information. As the ESS is not a university, candidates additionally need a PhD supervisor and a university faculty that will grant their degree. The scientific competence of an applicant is deemed to be proven by his acceptance as Ph.D. student at the respective faculty.


Application process

An application for a membership or as a guest can be submitted at any time to the ESS coordinator. Please make sure that the following documents are attached:

- CV
- Proposal of the envisaged PhD project
- Name of supervisor
- Funding plans (Are you employed at an institute? Will you apply for a job at one of our partner institutes?)
- The application of a guest has to comprise a proposal for a qualification program with his preferred modules.

The application documents will then be sent to the ESS steering committee which will decide on the admission to the Research School.